Thursday, 10 August: “Fulfilled”

Reading – Romans 13:8-10

Sacre Coeur
The mosaic over the main altar in Sacré-Cœur, a basilica in Paris dedicated to the Sacred (and merciful) heart of Jesus.

“Love is the fulfillment of the law,” but how so?

Because it does no evil to the other, because it seeks the flourishing and fulfillment of the other as its true, authentic, best self, even if that means the law must be ignored, suppressed, or even broken in certain circumstances.

Love never tires, even when the one who loves is physically spent. It goes case by case, seeing each individual as a whole and embracing it as such instead of viewing and disregarding it as an object.

At the same time, love has a profound respect for the law. Love acknowledges the law as coming from God, who – let’s remember – is love (1 John 4:8) and is geared toward our flourishing. Love holds the universal law and the individual situation in creative tension, showing mercy to all sinners in the way that will best bring about their healing and blossoming.

Love does not shy away from reprimand, denouncement, or sanction when they prove necessary, nor does it try to conceal or ignore sin. However, love always seeks the growth of the other, never its diminishment or destruction, and love understands that gentleness and patience are often the best traits to bring about this growth.

Love fulfills the law because it fulfills us, for whom God pronounced the law.

Please, O Giver of Law and Source of Love, may we follow your commandments always in love and with love. Thank you. ~


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