Tuesday, 26 January: “Parts of one another”

Reading – Romans 12:1, 3-5

Catholics at a Diversity Mass celebrated in 2012 at St. Agnes Church in Phoenix, AZ; photo courtesy of “The Catholic Sun” 

Do you ever see yourself in another person of aspects of another person in you? I often do, mainly due to a near-constant comparison of my life and achievements with those of others. This behavior really isn’t all that healthy, but catching glimpses of oneself in others and vice-versa is not inherently so. It reminds us of how much we share as members of the Body of Christ, the Church.

Trying to literally be or act like another person will naturally be futile, because we each are unique parts of the Body, with our own skills, struggles, and paths to fulfillment on earth. Remember: we’re called not to be Christ or God but to follow Jesus, to be like him.

At the same time, we all share salvation in Christ and often much more beside that, including beliefs, upbringings, cultures, and preferences. We most likely have a similar role in the Body as many others, whether we are a hand (volunteer), foot (itinerant preacher), eye (prophet), or nose (I’m not really sure about this one, sorry!), and we can find a lot to share and celebrate with these people who are similar to us.

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have other facets, other parts, in ourselves. We are given many gifts by God, and they are often diverse. A hobby or interest of ours helps us to connect with the careers and passions of other parts and to recognize God in their work, to see how much they contribute to the earthly and spiritual Body of Christ.

God calls us to cherish, respect, and appreciate our similarities and differences, to enter into open, loving, affirming relationships with each other and with Him, He who is radically other yet the origin of all our goodness, the Creator of all and the Source of our iage, the Radiance of heaven and the Joy of small kindnesses.

May we see parts of ourselves and of You in each other, Lord, and love both your creation and you more earnestly as a result. ~


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