Friday, 25 March: “If only”

Reading – Romans 8:14-17

The Bible

This is a theme that has already appeared in many of my reflections, but it is an important one: God is willing and able to save us if only we accept Her love as Jesus did. Accepting God into our hearts and continuing to accept Her there are essential to our salvation. We cannot be saved without God, but God will not save us if we do not want to be saved.

Saying yes to God also involves saying yes to suffering, the suffering common to humanity yet unique in every human life, of course, but also the suffering that comes with following and testifying to love and truth.

We are siblings of and heirs with Jesus if only we accept these identities, which involves accepting the trials that come into our life with God’s love and, though God, bringing healing and new life out of them.

There can be much more said about this, and yet this short summary (bad as it is) – and the section from Romans itself – are enough to see the love and respect God has for us and for our freedom to receive or reject both – and Her.

Also, I was really tired as I wrote this and, frankly out of words to write.

Please, Lord, may we keep in mind each day how you continually said “yes” to God and let Her draw you further into mystery, and may we imitate you. May we enjoy the gifts of life and joy eternal in the presence of you who bore our sins and healed us by your stripes, as we remember especially this day, if only we freely and fully accept them. ~


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