Monday, 21 March: “God was with him”

Reading – Acts 10:36-39a

Monday of Holy Week

“Walk with Me” by Greg Olsen

Because God was with him, God is with us. Jesus was not only man but God, not only God but man, the most mysterious, mind-boggling, profound union between Creator and creation, Infinity and limitedness, Eternity and time. And he was here, on this earth! a person like you and me and yet a Person wholly beyond our comprehension.

We know some of his life story, his miracles, his teachings, his relationships, his dying, his rising, his ascending into heaven. We go over, pore over these words again and again as Christians, often to the point where they lose any impact, freshness, or interest to us.

But he was here; he was real.

Holy Week especially but also any and every day of our lives grant us the opportunity to realize and rediscover Jesus: that the Word was made flesh; that God became fully man while remaining fully God; that God experienced our physical, emotional, and spiritual trials firsthand with us; that someone did actually live a fully human life free from sin and showed us how to imitate (if never quite reach) that life; that God from before the beginning was willing to enter into creation, to take on biological life and thus biological death, out of love; that Jesus accepted death even on a cross as a testimony to this love; that Christ transfigured death in this love, opening a new avenue to life for us all.

Just take a moment and think about just one of these statements. Ponder it, reflect on it, and be amazed by it and, behind it all, by God. Reconnect this Holy Week, this day, this moment with the living and loving reality of Jesus, so that he, that God, may be with you and with us all. ~


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