Sunday, 03 January: Epiphany

Reading – 1 Peter 2:4-5, 9-10


The Adoration of the Magi, Leonard Bramer, 1633/1635

Epiphany is one of my favorite feasts of the liturgical year, dealing as it does so much with light. God shines in our darkness and guides us to Herself, the source of all light, as shown in a special way through Her son, Jesus Christ.

God’s light is resplendent and glorious, yet it shines most brilliantly in the infant wrapped tenderly in the arms of his mother and father, the Son of Man who rejected an earthly kingship and accepted the outcasts of the earth, the Savior who accepted a bleak fate of crucifixion to show the overwhelming love of God, the Christ who suffused the oblivion of death with divine glory and promised us a bright existence after this life – if we but believe the promise.

God’s light, most especially through Jesus, transforms creation and floods our eyes. If we accept it, it will not blind us; rather, it will give us clear vision and help us to recognize the love underlying the universe, even during the darkest night when God seems distant or entirely absent.

Following the light of Christ and willingly entering into it transfigure us, making us new magi with gifts for the perennial king. We can present God with the simple yet profound wonder of our existences, talents, and personalities – our whole selves -, all given by God; the sweet incense of our participation in God’s life through holy and righteous thoughts and deeds; and the perplexed but not despairing trust in God’s life as we face the end of our earthly existence. In sum, even the smallest of our musings and movements can be offered to and oriented toward God, who will look on them as priceless treasures.

Illumine our hearts and minds, O Lord, that we may journey in your light our whole lives and give what you have given us, our whole selves, back to you. Thank you ~


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