Friday, 04 December: “He should pray.”

Reading – James 5:13-15


Freedom to Worship by Norman Rockwell

The lesson of this reading is in the title: Prayer is always appropriate.

At any and every moment of our lives, whether it be fraught with peril, gravid with anticipation, crushed by anguish, illuminated by insight, enflamed with ire, or buoyed by ebullience. God is ready, waiting, eager for us to open ourselves just that tiny bit more so that she may pour Her overflowing love and grace into our souls. In suffering, prayer will give us strength; in exultation, it will magnify our joy; in all cases it will orient our being to Her from Whom all good things progress.

Prayer is powerful, and it is effective. We just need to shift our perception of it from a half-hearted chain of repeated words said hurriedly for our own wants to a profound conversation with our God chanted, heard, and renewed in every moment for a transformation of our souls in Her light.

Let us pray, truly pray, to you, O Source of all understanding and perception, that we may know, live, and spread your life and message, your prayer, to all the world. ~

P.S. Thanks be for a short reflection! If you’re looking for some tips on a healthy prayer life, I suggest looking here and here.


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